Eastern Loggers Layout – Goes to a museum

The founding members of HAVOC all met as members of the Eastern Loggers. In late 2021, the Eastern Loggers Layout was donated to the Pennsylvania Lumbering Museum in Galeton, PA. The layout will likely be a static exhibit used to show off aspects of lumbering that are not well represented by existing exhibits. For instance, the museum can display models of the different types of geared locomotives (Shay, Climax, Heisler, Dunkirk) on the layout. So the layout will complement existing exhibits that include a Sawmill, Shay Locomotive, and Barnhart Loader. If you’ve not been to the museum, the annual Bark Peeler’s Convention is a must attend event for the lumbering enthusiast.

John Burchnall deserves credit for getting the layout to Galeton. He made all the arrangements with the museum and participated in the transport. John always promoted the layout and provided a home for the layout. It’s a great honor have the layout in the museum. A layout we havoc members or part of for more than 25 years (I started working on it when I was just 14). A few videos of the layout have appeared on youtube.

In addition to the layout, Jerry Stangarity’s logging diorama will also be on display. The diorama was the subject of a series of articles that appeared in Railroad Model Railroad Craftsmen in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Here is an article form the Museum’s new letter the Woodchip

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